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Thread: Ball bearing Source

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    Ball bearing Source

    I've looked on various wood working supply and other industrial sites for ball bearings sold in bulk ( or at least separate from router bits ) like we would find on a 1/4" trim bit. I'd like for the O.D. to be 1/4". I.D. not too important.

    Anyone here have information as to where I might shop for bearing of that size?

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    I've not checked for those specific bearings, but McMaster-Carr might be a good place to start the hunt.
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    I have not lived in Los Angeles since 1951. However, at that time there were several ball bearing manufacturing plants. Try the web.

    One of my father's secretaries married a man who started manufacturing ball bearings in Glendale, CA. I know it became a very large concern. I just mentioned this because it shows that there are ball bearing places outside of the Big Cities.

    Just figure that you are going to spend some time and play detective on the web.


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    Just Google 1/4" ID ball bearings and you will pull lots of places selling them.
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