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Thread: Double crossed

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    Double crossed

    Started out with the Mrs asking for a simple cross to place at her fathers grave on fathers day...couple of pieces of oak with a strip of walnut inlay and she was happy...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then yesterday...she asked for another to hang in our home...Made this one from Padouk,with brass inlay and a miniature cross of walnut...the miniature was a cover-up, as my brass inlay was a tad too deep, and sanding the padouk down to compensate, heated up and loosened the epoxy holding the brass, right at the crossroad ...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tonight when I gave it to her, her first words were "could you make one more for my grandmothers grave".... sure would of been easier doing all three together...maybe I should add an extra just to be prepared

    Hope this counts somewhere down the line, or at least cancels any accidental cussing made during the process

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    Nice work Ken, I just worry about how safe they will be at the graveside. Hope the place they gonna be is protected.

    The thought also struck me that many woodworkers search for products and here is one that in my view could sell well on the web. With a little ingenuity it could be made in two parts for easy assembly by recipient and low cost tube shipping.

    A simple site offering various mixes of the different woods where one could custom order wood mix and size. I bet could even do ingraving with a router set for extra $$

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    Very nicely done, Ken. The brass inlay is a great touch.
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    Thanks guys
    We've been lucky Rob{so far}, her family's plots are off the beaten path. They{the cemetery} have had a rash of brass thieves hitting the flower urns/vases...We figure if anyone wants or needs one that bad they are welcome to it/them. Though I don't know how one could sleep knowing how they obtained it.

    I agree, could be a good selling item...tell ya though, after these two, I'm definitely putting the dado blades on the R.A.S. - That single thin kerf takes forever half-lapping

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    Good design. It brings on strong emotions, just looking at it. I mean "it" for each one.


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    They sure are beautiful Ken I really like the cross on the cross. Intentional or not it really makes the piece.
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    Thanks Jim, & Bob, I appreciate your taking the time!
    & I agree Bob...I lucked out once again

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    Outstanding work Ken! I see why your wife keeps asking for one more.


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    Ken, those are simply amazing. Some crosses look "cheap" and don't move me or send a message. Those you made, they send the message loud and clear! They are beautiful. How are you sealing them for outdoor use and how are you placing them at the grave? On a 1/4 rod with a hole drilled in the bottom of the cross? You want to blow her mind? Send the horizontal bar to Pete Simmons and have her grandma's name lasered on it. He'll send it back and you could assemble and whaaaalaaaa!

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