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Thread: Shooting Board Guide Rail

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    Shooting Board Guide Rail

    Well, thanks once again to member Derek Cohen who posted this out there somewhere in web-land. The shooting board was a dream to use before but, Derek's little addition of a guide rail to keep the plane from moving away from the platform adds a surprising amount of confidence. The operator can concentrate more on the forward and backward action without worry about applying lateral pressure so much.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	SB-Guide-Rail-3.jpg 
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    My board was not designed with this in mind so it hangs off a bit. I put slots in the guide rail so I can adjust it for use with other planes. Derek has different rails for different purposes. I'm not quite that advanced yet.
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    Notice how the Bulbanga (or however you spell it) stays the same color in all three photos. Notice how the "Hot Dog" appears as three different colors.

    Verry Interestiinngg.


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    That should work good. Hats off to you and Derek
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    Thanks for posting that Glenn, you just cost me an hour...

    Got carried off into la la land looking at Dereks site again.

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