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Thread: It's Friday 6/24

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    It's Friday 6/24

    Ok another Friday is upon us.

    Going to the drive-in tonight. Cars 2 is showing and the weather will be great.
    Shop time is a given and so is the homework to be finished.

    So what's going on in your neighborhood?
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    Well, I just bought the Sportster last night and thinking of flipping it, and then I want to do all the finial touches to the shot gun before browing the iron. I would like to go fishing.
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    Shop time tonight and tomorrow morning. Making a dartboard cabinet for a friends 40th birthday. Nothing fancy, just some scrap wood and basic pocket screw stuff. It's for his man cave barn, which isn't fancy either...should fit just fine. The party is tomorrow night at his barn...hope I can get it done on time.
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    Need to have a work project done by end of next week, so probably a fair amount of workwork this weekend. I will spend a little time getting the shop ready for Sharon and I to work on our Toy Swap projects, but that's probably about it...
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    Shop time all weekend. Working on the bed plus starting on the toy swap.
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    gonna put a coat of finish on one project, probably just sit around and take a rest, maybe do some cleanup around the home.

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    Getting the shelf up for the belt/disc sander. Cigar sampling!! I sold my Goldwing the big lathe will be one the way and I grabbed a Grizzly Sharpening system with a couple of jigs. So now I HAVE to get the shop really organized and cleaned The good news is the temps are only going to be in the mid 90's...down from 107 Tuesday
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    Taking wife out for a belated anniversary dinner tonight.
    Tomorrow, I'm donning my Revolutionary Rifleman outfit and going to our areas annual Red, White and Blue event at the fairgrounds for a patriotic ceremony. Outfit is very warm, I nearly passed out from the heat last year.
    Sunday, church and, if not too hot, some yard work.
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    Arbor goes in tomorrow. Then some repair work on the pool filter pump followed by shop time!
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    Shoptime, I need to finish sanding some candle holder I'm making for a wedding gift and practice spin painting before I apply this finish to the top of the holders. I got this idea from the UK magazine "Woodturning". I will post the finished project when it's completed.

    Added the spin painting finish to the tops of the candle holders.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Candle Holders 1.jpg   Candle Holders 2.JPG  
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