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Thread: Update for those of you have seen it before

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    Update for those of you have seen it before

    I follow from time to time this guys site on his boat build. Some real fine woodworking he does.

    Wish i had touched base on this site before Allen built his corner bench. There is an idea here for the junction between two sides of a bench like his.

    Take a look Allen

    he used it in his corner for the forward step, my thoughts on seeing it were surely one could use this idea on an angle like a window bench corner? Then the sides would automatically come together no? Just the back would be one large panel

    Here is the home page for those interested.

    Enjoy. I would love to see this boat enter the water and be on it for a ride.
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    A few years ago my Son in-Law built the wife a cedar/blanket chest using the double grooved corner post joinery method and it has held real well. In this construction the panels were only set in about an eighth inch. A padded seat cover can be changed to fit room decor and it will change, I guarantee it. And now the lighter oak even needs to be changed. Better make a phone call to that young fellow to see what he can do with that problem.
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