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Thread: Pocket knife--what, when do you carry?

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    Pocket knife--what, when do you carry?

    I'm sure this has been covered in the past, but I felt an updated survey couldn't hurt. Be sure to participate in the poll. Do you carry a pocket knife? When? Where? Maybe most important question of all, what kind?

    I've had my share of them, from the cheap one's I had in my tackle box as a kid to pretty decent knives as an adult. I've had Case and Old Timers, but now I prefer my made in the USA Buck. It's the Buck Knives 303A--a medium sized traditional folding pocket knife. It features 3 stainless steel blades, a 2-5/8" clip point, a 1-3/4" spey, and a 1-3/4" sheepsfoot. It is 3-1/4" long closed and weighs about 2 ounces. Mine has black plastic handles with the Buck logo, and has Buck's Lifetime Warranty. It seems to maintain a keen edge for all my needs. I bought it from Amazon about 3 years ago, right after I lost my Old Timer. Naturally, I found my lost knife the day after the Buck arrived. I usually have it in my pocket, but there are exceptions--usually when required by law.


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    A USA made Case been carrying the same one for over 15 years now.
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    Leatherman Wave on my belt in a belt sheath.

    Only time I don't have it is when I have to travel on business.

    I've been carrying it for many years, in fact, it's my second one, as I was doing something stupid with the original one and broke the jaws on the pliers. I like it because you can open the blades on it one handed. If you get real good, you can even open the pliers just by flicking it just right.

    Just don't feel right without it.

    Came in handy one time at an ATM machine in Downtown San Francisco. Put my card in the machine, got my cash, and then my card didn't come out quite far enough to be able to get it with my fingers. Whipped out the leatherman, flicked my wrist to turn it into a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled the card right out. Should have seen the looks the other customers gave me. Like the couldn't believe someone would carry something like that around with them!

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    I used to have an old Case my Dad gave me many years ago, but lost it. I now carry a plastic handle single blade Buck. I like the Buck, but sure wish I had the Case back for sentimental value. Jim.
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    Buck 373 in my pocket and an original leatherman on my side at all times

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    a buck 701U 3 blade.. one blade does anything and the other two do what is required of them..from cleaning critters to cutting a piece of meat to eat..just a pant leg wipe and she is ready for the next round
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    Mid size buck stockman ( 3 blades) in my pocket or in my hand all day long every day.
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    I've always carried a pocket knife, just got to be a habit. Here's a few of ones handy.


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    I've carried a pocketknife everywhere allowed by law since I was in grade school. Carried a 4" Buck Folding Hunter on my belt for several years of high school. (Don't see that happening anymore.) Right now, I'm carrying a Leatherman Micra, although I've been through the gamut.

    Brent, I used to carry an original Leatherman full-time when I was working as a construction inspector. The toolbox on my belt was handy as heck and saved my bacon a number of times. I broke the jaws on it once, and sent it in for free repair. (That was back when they had a lifetime warranty.) I was later given the Victorinox equivalent, and that was always in my bag o' tricks when I was doing a lot of trade shows. (Before it was illegal to have that kind of thing in your carry-on luggage.)
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    I probably have a dozen of them here and there around the house and shop. I've been carrying a Case Sod-Buster for the past year or so. Never without a knife.
    I have a small swiss army knife for when I travel.
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