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Thread: 12 sided Bucket

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    12 sided Bucket

    I had a piece of redwood fence that I have been hanging onto forever. About 40 years or so. Had a few knots but pretty straight grain. I had also just made a tappering jig that I was dieing to try out,other than making a couple of sample cutts. So after cleaning up the redwood fence board and cutting out the pieces to size I at last had my chance to try out the tappering jig. It works great and was the easiest part of the project. The tuff part was trying to glue all of those tapered pieces together and get the bottom to fit into the grooves at the bottom of the bucket.
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    It turned out OK but am thinking about either putting a top on it or making a handle for it.
    The tappering Jig was one I saw on line and it looked like a good project to do. Just don't know how often I will use it. The hold downs were a little tuff bending but the are working very well as do the cams that hold the work piece. I also made the stop block ajustable with extra holes.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I know part of the thread belongs in Jigs and Fixtures but the bucket got lonsome.
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    that is one fancy tapering jig.

    My tapering jig is just a piece of melamine, and 2 sticks to hold the angle.

    I slide it through the taper cut and slide it back if its a small taper, otherwise the end of the leg is far enough from the blade I hold it down when running to the other side.

    I made a 6 sided bucket a while back, not tapered, but I used clear packing tape, laid the pieces on the table flat on top of tape, then glued, and taped it closed in two spots and it held great.
    It was a planter I made out of pressure treated.

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    Nice job & cool jig ...I'm picturing a hammered wrought iron handle...FWIW

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    the bucket is great I can imagine how hard it was to get every part aligned for gluing

    Nice jig too
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    Nice work, Challenging little project getting the bevel and angle just right so the last piece meets up with the first piece!

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    Great-looking jig, Ron.
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    That's a great looking jig The bucket is missing the works for the part that makes ice cream though.

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