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Thread: Building a new shop Yeah!

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    Building a new shop Yeah!

    I have decided to build a shed/shop. It will be a dual purpose building. I'm looking at a 12 x 28 ft. building. The front end will house our pop up camper to keep it out of the weather and household storage with the back end (approx 12 x 10) of the building being MY SHOP! I know that 12 x 10 is not real big but it is 12 x 10 ft bigger than I have now. Plus it will only be for woodworking and should not have to store any "household stuff". I do not have the time to build it myself so I'm currently taking bids from local contractors to stick build it on site and I'm also checking pricing on having a "pre-built" brought in and set on site. Either way...I will have it built to my specs and for my specific needs.
    The front end will have double doors that open very wide to allow me to back the pop up into the building. The side of the building will have two 36" service doors. One near the front and the other at the shop end for entry there. I will build any workbenches at a later time.
    I do have questions on how wide do floor joists need to be to allow me to store a 3000 lb camper in it without damage to the floor. Also what type of floor material (treated plywood)? I'm also thinking about ventilation. I'm thinking about end gable at each end. Not sure if I need a roof vent?
    Well, I'll ask more questions as I go along. I hope to get something started in about 6-8 weeks.
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    Whoo hooo this is just what we need for the summer the birth of another shop. Best of luck Tom.

    Dont forget if you can swing it and have the roof structured and strengthened properly over your shop area then there is valuable storage space up there.

    I guess you gonna be looking into Stus dungeon to get a load of ideas with this size space.

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    So why the wood floor and not concrete in the storage area? Sounds like maybe it's going in an area where the grade is an issue?

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    Atta boy Tom! You should have a pretty good time putting it together AND using it later!
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    his ground is flat???? why are you going with a wood floor??? tom i wouldnt go wood at all..go concrete and then just use mats for your shop area..
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    Depending on what part of Indiana you're in, consider contacting the Amish. Around here, if you provide the transportation, they'll build some very nice barns, sheds, etc. for very reasonable prices. They have their own plans, but you can make all sorts of 'personal' modifications to them, too.
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    It will have wood floors because the building will be considered a "portable" building. Here in my town if an out building has a concrete floor it is considered "permanent" and therefore will be "taxed" as such on my property tax. 12 x 28 is a large building but as long as it sits on "runners" (4x4 or even 6x6 or 8x8) then it is a portable building.
    My father has had treated plywood as a floor in his shop for the past 20 years without much problem.

    I have contacted a company in a nearby town that is Amish owned and they "pre-build" barns/sheds. They have very good pricing as well. They are suppose to send a guy out next week to see if they can squeeze one in between my house and a nearby tree. If so I may go with them. I have a neighbor that has one by them and it looks very nice.
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