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Thread: I guess when your number's up....

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    I guess when your number's up....

    330' deep, 200' in diameter.

    I never want to find one of these in my backyard!
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    More pictures here.

    Associated Press picture.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    THats quite a hole.
    We had some of that going on last year in south Missouri.
    One guy lost the garage off of his house.

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    Tragic but unbelievable - I've never seen anything like that. It's so interesting to look at and if it was just for the loss of property I would almost say it was kind of cool to see but sadly, it was more. Such a shame - two teenage kids and their dad? Wow.

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    Incredible, that's just plain huge. We had a sink hole locally a couple of years ago in one of the ritzy neighborhoods. Sucked up a couple of houses.

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    Dang. 330 feet deep is not a small hole. I'd also not want to be a rescue worker having to go into something like that to look for bodies, more for the fear of additional cave-ins than the leaking sewage.
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    I remember one in Florida in 1983 (lived there that summer) that swallowed up a car dealership. If I remember it was a dealer with high dollar foreign cars.
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    One that size, but only 75' deep, took out a house and garage in Nixa, Missouri a few months ago. My son lives a couple miles from where it happened. Big news and scary for folks living in the area. That part of MO is well known for having lots of caves. Really lots and lots of big caves.

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