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Thread: Rural area, yep

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    Rural area, yep

    You know you live in a rural area, when the neighbor lady calls and wants you to remove a dead deer from her yard. Been ask by the neighbors to do some crazy stuff, but this about took the cake.
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    That's right up there with my great aunt asking a friend and me to camp in her barn lot and shoot groundhogs that were trying to take over her barn. Sounded like a great night for a couple of high school kids. It was a nice night under the big cottonwood tree until a passing car hit a skunk. That ended the big hunt.


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    In my "rural area", the neighbor would call and invite us to a BBQ because they found some fresh venison!
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    Hope the deer was 'relatively' fresh and easy to deal with!
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    LOL that is a good one and haven't been asked to do that one yet. I think I am the local neighborhood dirt spreader. I have a small JD tractor and loader and have been asked to spread load after load of dirt and the other night I had to stand a concrete and brick mailbox post that some kids knocked over as a prank. Heavy little sucker but we got it back on it's feet. I have one neighbor that likes to cut and loosely pile the brush then asks me to punch up the pile for her. Just part of being neighborly but if that deer was ripe I think I might have thought twice about it. I used to work on a road crew when I was a teenager and one of the things we dreaded the most was to be put on carion duty to go out and gather and bury all the dead animals that had been hit over the long holiday weekends. There is actually a long story behind that but we'll not go into it right now.
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    Jim, I think that is a "long story" that I would like to miss.



    Even Carry on luggage is something I would like to miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Stratton View Post
    In my "rural area", the neighbor would call and invite us to a BBQ because they found some fresh venison!
    Back in my traveling band days, we were visiting (partying) after hours one night with some locals in Montana or Wyoming (I honestly don't remember), when one of the local guys overheard one of the band members complaining about being poor starving musicians. He tried real hard to convince us to go find a road-killed deer he'd seen earlier that night about 10 miles out of town. It didn't occur to him that we didn't have a way to butcher, store, or cook the venison...he just saw it as free meat and was willing to share his find with us.

    So yeah, it was pretty rural.

    On the other hand, I have a friend here in LA who lives just across the valley from me, also on the edge of a forest area like us. He had a problem with deer eating his roses, so he had another mutual friend who was a bowhunter take care of the problem for him. None of the neighbors ever saw a thing. So it even can get a bit rural here in Los Angeles.
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    I don't live in a rural area but I get us to remove deer from yards, impaled offences, shot and occasional groundhog. atleast you do not have to be inconspicuous about it.
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