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Thread: I saved one piece of Ikea furniture from free listing craigslist

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    I saved one piece of Ikea furniture from free listing craigslist

    take a look at craigslist NY free stuff, tons of ikea furniture for free all the time, and I saved this bed frame.
    when I gave my niece her new bed, her old ikea twin frame was tossed, so I told them to throw it in my truck, its wood, Ill find a use for it one day
    Today I used the headboard and foot board for guard rails, and cut down some bedrails for a handle, and now I can roll some of my shed crap in and out of the way alot easier till the new shed comes, but at least I can get to work soon.
    (after I took that pic, I put another folding table on it and a bag of snow melt)
    I used that dolly I built to move around the bar, but without a handle it was hard to move or keep things from falling off.
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    What a great idea
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    It looks like you were in doubt so you built it stout.

    Hmm it think I've seen or heard this somewhere before definitely rings of Delton, Michigan oh ya it's that spinny guy that doesn't turn. All he does is spin flat boards around like a helicopter. But he does make some mighty fancy flat stuff.
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    That looks very handy Allen. I could use something like that, but I don't have the floor space to roll it.
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