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Thread: Heavy Duty Wood Workers Bench

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    Talking Heavy Duty Wood Workers Bench

    Today, I bought a very heavy duty hard maple table off of Craig's List. It is 3" thick, 30"W X 96"L. The old pipe legs and metal lower shelf are not really salvageable. I paid $50. for it. It's previous life it was most likely a prep table in a large commercial kitchen.

    I want to make it into a Work Bench with double end vises and side vises.

    I am looking for bench construction plans for a set of legs and stretcher beams to do it justice.

    Do any of you have a favorite work bench design?

    Here are some of my wood working pictures plus boating shots that are on the web.

    You will probably have to cut and paste the above link.

    Any help or suggestions for the bench would be gratefully received.


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    Tom, buy "The workbench book" by Christopher Schwarz best money you will spend on building a bench!

    I like the Roubo style of bench
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