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    Old Model Planer

    I have an old surface planer I picked up off craigslist for 50 bucks it has three blades and is all cast iron. I know itís a great old machine but I need some parts the problem is I donít know who made the machine. Could any of you old timers or wise men give me any help at all in identifying at all the below. If anyone has an answer it's greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    to start with you need a power source and from what you have shown us i dont see any identifying marks on it
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    you also need a gear box. it is completely missing.
    if you remove the motor cover under the table are there any id plates attached to it or the motor?

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    Although there may be a few folks around here who can help out, an even better pair of sources may be: (owwm = Old WoodWorking Machinery) (formerly
    Best of luck! Restored to its former glory, that would be one heck of a machine.

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