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Thread: Scraper Sharpening some tips from Czech Tool

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    Scraper Sharpening some tips from Czech Tool

    So i have made a burnishing tool using Ron Hocks burnishing rod now i wish to use my scrapers to get that Vanity top in order for some finish.

    So i been looking to "do it right" by the scrapers and I like what i see Bob of Czeck Tools does in his video.

    Since for once i actually have most of the ingredients i intend to try out his method.

    Just got to get myself a couple of pieces of wood to use for the file holder and the slot to hone the edge of the scraper.

    Enjoy the video its short and sweet and to the point.
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    Rob check this one out as well. he has it in 2 parts.
    I was honing and filing and burnishing my card scrapers all the time. Then I saw this vid and figured what the heck ill give it a try its only a piece of metal.
    The results were the same with a fraction of the work.
    If you are going to sand your work after scraping this is the way to go although you can get a very good surface with this method.
    and it gives you a good take down. I use a scraper mainly to level out a glue joint or do quick clean up after using a plane then go through the sanding grits till I get the surface I want.
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