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Thread: Ebony And Satinwood

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    Ebony And Satinwood

    These cabinets took a long time due to all the inlays involved. The wave lines and circles are inlaid flush to the surface. There were 7 different size wave lengths for a total of 53 to inlay. The circles were cut nickle size, and there were 27 of those. The circles line up vertically from the base cabinet to the upper cabinet.

    The side visible in the pictures was the dining room side, and those doors opened. On the reverse side, there were the same doors, but they were fixed. The upper cabinets had hinged glass doors on the side showing in the pictures, and mirror on the wall sides and on the section covering the soffit face. Inlays follow around the cabinets. Woods are ebony and satinwood, with oil based polyurethane finish rubbed out.




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    Very nice work indeed Mike!

    It is great to see work like this being done
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    Beautiful Mike
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    what country does that design come from or tribe perhaps,, looks like Australian...
    inlays and glass make for a striking job mike
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    Is the ebony veneer or solid? I can't imagine how much $$ is wrapped up in material alone on this. WOW.
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    Beautiful work. The wrap around on the flooring also adds a nice accent.

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