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    Tool Chest

    This tool chest started out as a whim for a place to store my "special" hand tools, and some of my car buddies saw it and I took orders making several with different woods and trim details. I carved their names, date, and fabrication number in the lid and signed each one. The "personal" touch brought a few more $'s. It's a lot like the "red" tool box, except slightly larger. It's Red Oak, 26"w x 16" h x 14"d, weighs 53 lbs. Thought I'd show it, maybe give you ww's an idea.



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    Very nice job there Mike. Your surname sure suites you cause i Marvel at your work all the time.

    Have you built yourself a large upright shop tool chest for all your flatwork tools?

    I am thinking something like this ?

    Its my next project i am going to do.

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    Very nice!
    You are inspiring me to get off my duff and start working on that endless "list" for things I need to do to my shop. One of them is to finally make my workbench with storage drawers for my hand planes chisels and other various sundries.
    I always think of what I need when I am working at it but never seem to get around to it.....

    Nice work Mike! Very nice work!

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    That is really cool Mike! Looks like my Snap-On
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    Very nice
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    I like it!! It's things like this that inspire me - very functional and good looking.

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