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Thread: Back to my hollowing tool rig.

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    Back to my hollowing tool rig.

    Earlier this spring I welded up a hollowing rig system but never got around to making any boring bars for it. I have plenty of 3/4" stainless steel rod for the bars and have been looking on E-bay for some bits. Does it matter if the bits are (HSS) or cobalt or carbide. If we are only cutting wood will any of them work? Also some of the bits were made for only right hand or left hand cutting. For our use will I be reshaping the bits anyway?
    I bought a small 1/4" square set at Harbor Freight that had 5 bits in it. (2 right, 2 left and a pointed bit). Does anyone have good close photos of what they are using for bits?
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    Tom, I've used the Harbor frieght cutters for over 3yrs...they're cheap so you can experiement with grinds and such.

    Vaughn also did a tutorial on his bars and bits click here
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    HSS is fine. The 5% or 10% cobalt bits are more heat resistant, but that's really only a benefit when used for cutting metal. Carbide bits are a whole other animal. There are a variety of carbide bits out there, but not all of them are suitable for woodturning. And they're not something you can sharpen yourself.

    I sharpen my bits at the same angle I use for my scrapers. Here are a few pics of a large bit. I do small ones the same way. The grinding causes a burr to be created on the leading edge of the bit. The burr is what's doing the cutting.

    Attachment 57876

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    When used in a hollowing rig, I like to set things up so the cutting edge is hitting at exactly the centerline of the piece...

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    Jeff thanks for the link. Actually I had saved that before but you brought it back to my attention. must have photos of everything. That's great because they help me alot. Thank you.
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    Hmmm...gonna have to give that a try
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    Jim thats just what i was thinking. Oh boy now i know why its bad for a guy like me to follow some posts here. Dang now my list of non completed half started projects is gonna catch up to mmmmm a guy in Nevada.

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