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Thread: Show Me Your Hand Tool Storage!!!

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    Show Me Your Hand Tool Storage!!!

    This should be a good one.

    Nothing makes a room look more like a woodworking shop than to have a wall full of chisels, planes, saws & scrapers.

    Do you keep yours in a cabinet or attached to pegboard?

    In a drawer under your bench or nailed to the wall?

    How do you store your hand tools? I wanna see pics!!!

    If you already have a thread dedicated to yours, please post a link!

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    I am of the why put lots of money and work into a work bench crowd. So it's nothing fancy but it works.

    The Obligatory 'My Bench' page Every woodworkers site is supposed to have a My Bench page and that is where I store my tools. I have never built the bottom drawer for it cause I ran out of wood. One of these days I will do that and I plan on adding a couple of sliding shelves inside the drawer. I have a neat idea, just having more fun making real furniture than building shop furniture. So it's low on the list.

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    My hand tools are in the drawers of my work bench, very uninteresting.

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    ok so heres what i did it is 4'x4' and bolted to the studs

    maybe this will give you an idea really don't do it !! i dont know what i was thinking
    what are you building today ??


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    I keep a few planes and scrapers close at hand...

    Jim D.

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    Admit it, Jim, you dusted that collection before snapping the photo.

    It's far too pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    I keep a few planes and scrapers close at hand...

    That deserves one big You Suck statement. Of course I only mean that jokingly. Nice storage system and collection of hand tools I might add. Here is my low cost, but organizational system for my most often used hand tools.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I drool every time I see Jim D's hand tool cabinet

    I really don't have a dedicated space, hand tool cabinet.

    I have a couple of upper kitchen cabs I made [wrong size] that I hung up for my user type 13 planes.

    I have planes stored on shelving, and in the shop restroom

    I have an old spool cabinet I keep my collection of Buck socket chisels in, some refurbished with walnut handles, and some ready to restore.

    I have chisels on my main storage cabinet top .Stanleys, my main beaters.

    I have a set of new/old stock Buck crank neck chisels that have not found a parking space yet.
    And lastly, my mechanical hand tools I've had forever. [My wife calls this red box---our Gold mine ]
    This set stays in my automotive shop section, which is still a disaster zone. I used this space to store shop machinery and supplies when my shop roof fell in. I peek in there every once in a while, but haven't spent much time cleaning it up, organizing, so I can get our crown vic back inside.
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    I have several hand planes & then I have a special few that help me keep time & are also users.

    My next project will be the tool case for underneath my bench.
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