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Thread: It might be a dumb dog but its still a tool

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    It might be a dumb dog but its still a tool

    I guess flatworkers the world over all have different ideas of the idea bench dog.

    Well i saw a sjobergs workbench at Lee Valley some time ago and spotted the bench dogs that came with it. Then one day i got to asking do these come as spares.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57892 No but special order. Well i shuddered for a moment thinking if i ask how much i am gonna be blown away by a ridiculous price for something like this on special order. But well i did. I was blown away by a ridiculously low price. Watch now they will go up.

    $4 bucks each. So i ordered 6. Hey i dont want to get caught short next time a souvernier hunter visits my shop.

    To me these solve the issue of metal versus wood. They nicely molded with two bullet catches inserted. Could be push in from the bottom of the bench or the top down since its got two working faces.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sjobergs bench dog2 reduced.jpg 
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    Got a courtesy call from Lee Valley to say they came in and that was very quick response too.

    So yesterday i stopped by my local store and picked them up.

    Now finally i can get at it and pop my bench full of holes.

    BTW for what its worth one could write a book on how excellent Lee Valley is as far as customer service is concerned.

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    That looks like a cool idea. I have not built my workbench yet - but will keep these dogs in mind when the time comes.

    I will look forward to your review...


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    Let us know how they work out for ya Rob.
    Lee Valley is a very good company to work with. They have excellent customer service and very quick shipping.

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    Those look very cool. Lee Valley is where I got my bullet catches for my dogs a few years back. It was one of those occasional goofs that Lee Valley sells cheap; a bag of catches with no strikes
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    Hey Rob do you have a part number??? Please!!!!
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    Sorry Bart I went and checked my invoice and there is no item number for it just the words special order. They even rung it up seperately.

    The best info i can give you if you want some is to use the workbench and call LV and ask for the dogs for the Workbench.

    This is it here. There is another bench as well that uses the same ones.

    Reference this bench but do it in telephone call to customer service.

    My guess is that Lv would not stock this as it would compete with their own brass and steel ones.

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