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    Lost Art Press

    Kick me if i am duplicating something here,

    But i always believe in supporting our local woodworking fraternity here in North America.

    So today a month late i find out Chris Schwarz is now on his own and has started his own publishing company called Lost Art Press.

    No he did not pay me or send me a free book. (hint hint) but i thought everyone deserves to be made aware of this.

    In my not so humble opinion if we want guys to make us nice tools, write us good interesting and entertaining books we need to show them our commitment.

    He had this book printed and bound in the USA in Michigan. On acid free paper. This says something about him in my opinion. I hope he sticks to this approach.

    Then when he decided on selling T shirts with his new log on, he bought USA made T shirts and had them printed in the US.

    For those of you interested he sells a tool of his from time to time as he consolidates and declutters his own tool collection you could pick up a good tool and whats more it will be a collectors piece in the future.

    I wish him well, have always enjoyed his writing, admire his courage to go out and start up making real books at a time when the digital medium is wiping out print. I believe he will succeed, but mainly because i hope we will all rally to the call to support him. We would want that were any of us to take on the same quest i am sure.

    Best of luck Chris if you ever read this or join our only decent woodworking forum on the web.

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    Woohoo!!! just ordered one...Maybe I'll get my bandsaw blade on right this time!!
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    errrr Jim congrats on the book but i think you gonna be more likely learning to use a handsaw with his books

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