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Thread: Well it runs in the family

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    Well it runs in the family

    I have been meaning to get this posted for some time.

    But this past year at school my youngster (Vaughn) completed his first course in woodshop (they call it constuction techniques or something like that today) . Now he hardly ventures into my shop unless he wants something else or wants me to help him make something for his girlfriend.

    So i was delighted to see his progress and just as delighted to see that his school is teaching kids something more than what i was taught at school. He missed the prior course where they got into hand tools and the basics. But he has beaten his old man to making a raised panel door and even a cove molding on the table saw. So he now knows what a rail and stile is and how to run a raised panel bit on a router and how to use a nail gun which bit him and taught him a good lesson.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The size and wood choice he has nothing to do with same for the hardware it is what it is. But he got stuck in got dirty and got it done. Then because he was finished ahead of his class he got to do some spinny work. Aint got pics of that yet.

    Just a pity they dont let them have some better wood.

    I am very proud of the fact that he mentioned that some day he would be happy to take over my tools. He might get more done with them.

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    attah boy vaughn!!!! and rob why dont they let them get ther eown wood if they want??? that better than what was taught in my high school as well...way back when.
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    Looks like he's paying attention to his lessons. Pretty darned good for a kid with a weird name.
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    Rob, you have every reason to feel proud. So when is he joining the forum?
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    Looks great Rob, tell Vaughn I said so!
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    The Boy done a FINE job Rob

    Now when ya gona have him start on the street organ
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    He did a great job. A big attaboy

    When I was taking sjhop classes we had to purchase the wood from the school. If I remember right we could have maple, pine or mahogany.
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    Looks good. Good to keep the dream alive.
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    Good work Vaughn. You are on to something that can give you a lot of pleasure in life.


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