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Thread: What am I doing Here?

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    What am I doing Here?

    I don't really belong here with my turnings,as I have seen alot of the fine work you all do down here in lathe land. I am not up to the rest of you spinning guys. I am more comfortable in flat land. But I used to turn a few years ago and I just got a new turning tool. Made by EasyWood. Its their medium finisher. Saw the DVD and had to try it.Just a small lidded box,that I turned from a cut off of a Maple post. The lid from a Maple drawer that I had cut down for my son and a scrap of Walnut for the knob.
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    Finish is just shalac and beal buffed
    Its been a long time since I made that much of a mess with such a small project. But it was fun anyway. Will just give it to someone when tey arn't looking so as they wont throw it at me.
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    Looks great, Ron. The Easy Wood tools sure live up to the name, huh? I have several of them.
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    I am glad you had fun. That is what turning does. People like Larry will tell you otherwise because they don't want you to have fun.

    BTW, nice box. You should turn more often.
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    That's what it's all about Ron...what do you like about your piece...what don't you like?...what are you going to make next!!! I think you did a fine job..I don't own any, but I hear Easy Wood tools are good stuff! Thanks for posting!
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    Ron that's a fine looking box ya got there. i have the easy ruffer and love it for getting the bottoms of my stuff flat. don't know what i did with out it before.

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    well ron, we wont throw you out on your ear for going back for alittel taste of the messy spinny world we know your a flat land guy at heart nice box and i am sure your gonna find a good home for it
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    Looks like it would make a great shaving soap bowl
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    I am definitely NOT a "natural" wood turner like my son, Glenn. I sort of plugged along getting less bad as time went by. Vaughn had me try his EW Finisher on a medallion (while standing on a pallet so I could reach his woodlathe). I was still lousy, but felt like I had so much more control.

    Anyway I worked up my nerve and purchased an EW Rougher. Suddenly I could create a cylinder in a fourth the time I needed with a spindle roughing gouge---and it was a much better cylinder. Glenn played with it and liked it. The next holiday I received a EW Finisher from Glenn and the last holiday I got a pointy EW Detailer. I've got to keep that kid!

    If that detailer was skinny all the way up, it would make a fantastic cut-off tool. It goes into rock hard maple like it was warm butter. As it was I made a whole bunch of rock hard maple spaghetti because it was so much fun watching it peel off of the work piece. I made a couple floating rings for the same reason. A couple kids thought the rings were pretty neat. I figured that they could not smoke them or inject them so I gave them away. The detailer was the tool that made the rings on the mallet that showed up a few days ago on FWW.

    I don't know how long the tools will stay sharp. After many months I have gone to position two on the Easy Rougher cutter head.

    After using the Easy Wood tools, I find that I am better with regular gouges. I just play with the gouges. If I am making something I use the EWs.


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    Ron that is a nice looking box. I think you need to do more turning. Really nicely done. Yes I love my EWT. I have 3 and wondered what took me so long to get them.
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