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Thread: Recovering brick fireplace with wood

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    Recovering brick fireplace with wood

    We have an enormous brick fireplace we'd like to cover in wood like the image attached. I know there are many opinions about the best way to attach wood to brick, so I'm curious what you would do? Also, does anyone foresee problems I'm probably overlooking? Like is it a fire code violation?

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    Darcie, Welcome to the family!

    One of our other members recently did a wood overlay...see here:

    You might check with your local codes to see how close the wood can be to the opening without creating a fire hazard. Seems like around 12" from the top of the opening, can be less on the sides, but don't remember the specifics.

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    Sounds like a job for Rennie

    Welcome Darcie !!!
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    Thanks! I had seen Rennie's project but wondered if simply adding wood that doesn't have to support anything could be less invasive. But I suppose if you can hang a mantel that way, that should be good enough for thin boards.

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    I was thinking vertical furring strips secured with masonry screws would be the base and then give me something to secure my wood to. But since the brick is an uneven pattern, I'm wondering if framing the entire fireplace in particle board would give me an even (and strong enough) surface to attach my reclaimed wood?

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    Darcie, I think OSB (oriented strand board) would be a much better backing than particle board. I'll let some of the other guys with more carpentry experience chime in on the furring strips vs. solid backing question.
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