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Thread: Friday 7/8 Edition

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    Friday 7/8 Edition

    Well we made it to another weekend. Anybody have plans?

    Myself, I am going to get some shop time today, until it gets really hot anyways.

    Sat morn we have a church mens club meeting. We started a group to help out the older folks at church. We have a couple sidewalks to pour and stuff like that. Should be fun and we have a wide range of contractors at church. We are also going to try and get some of the young guys, teens, involved so they can pick up some knowledge on basic tasks.

    Sat night is the big event. Cruising main. Started as a Facebook thing. Over 600 have said they will attend. Restaurants are going to be open late, bands and stuff at the city hall. Mayor and police dept are all behind it.

    Sunday will be church and a bunch of homework. I am taking a elect eng course this summer and it is all I can do to keep up
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    We have a malty HS Reunion Saturday out in the country so I will jump at the chance to ride.
    My wife and I are talking about returning to our old church now the boys are grown. So this will be the last Sunday in a church we raised out boys in and have attended for 24 years. It's about 35 minutes up the road and the local church is a 5 minute walk from the house. Hearing John Bails speak at my friends manorial service and stopping by and talking with him and his wife Wednesday evening I just felt the nudge to return. When I told my wife what I was thinking she said she that has been on her mind also. The Lord works all things together ..............
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    We took our daughter Mizuki out to the airport for her flight to Canada where she will spend summer vacation, she was very happy to be heading out from the heat and humidity that is Tokyo in the summer, lucky girl!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Enjoying her last bowl of Ramen for a while!

    Tomorrow I hope to get some work done on the bench, but I've caught a summer cold, so I might just sleep in..... Sunday I have to work, again, second week in a row, not liking that much at all
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    Installing wainscot today Tomorrow is a thank you party for all who helped us on our kitchen remodel 13 lb bone in smoked prime rib, 18 lb smoked turkey, 72 ABT's and a ton more.......Getting hungry yet Larry? I have your chair reserved already Sunday work, got called in. thought I could rest for a day...
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    Working on Intarsia projects this weekend.....designing a mountain scene for my father

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I will be adding more plants to the backyard and the irrigation that goes with keeping such things alive whilst the finish cures on a recent picture frame that is gift for some friends. I hate sitting around watching things dry but, would rather do almost anything but do yard work in the 90* weather we have been having ;-)
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    Off to a friends house tonight for some BBQ and cold ones...seems to be a theme for me this summer ...tomorrow lots of errands to do and maybe some shop time. Haven't turned anything for a few weeks and I have the itch bad to spin some wood! Sunday will be yard work and more shop time in the evening.
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    Today begins a week long celebration of our first anniversary! Tonight we ride the dinner train on the Thunder Mountain Line. Tomorrow is the Northwest Motorfest and a concert at church. Monday we head north to ride the Route of the Hiawatha, do a little sightseeing, and drop in to see the finished altar suite I built a few years back but have never seen with a finish! Back down through Hell's Canyon on Thursday. Yes, there will be pictures.
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    Well, tearing down the top half of the engine in my 97 tahoe. It overheated and blew a gasket (I hope and not a cracked head). Truck shopping as well, will keep the tahoe for a short time for a backup vehicle.

    Will be finishing up my toy swap project as well.

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    Hopefully picking my wife up from the hospital today. Will probably spend quite a bit of time catering to her needs as well as cooking and cleaning.

    Should have time to finish up the toy shop project by Sunday.
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