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Thread: Going Big

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    Going Big

    I've been running a dual monitor setup on my computers for years. I've gotten hooked on the extra real estate. My most recent setup was a pair of 19" wide-screen LCD monitors. A few weeks ago, one of the monitors started having issues and it was time to replace it. Perfect timing, as my birthday was coming up. LOML took care of me.

    I no longer have a matched pair of monitors. The one on the right is the working 19", turned 90 into a vertical orientation. The new one on the left is a 32" HDTV. This thing is huge. No more squinting for me. I have screen space all over the place. And the price was surprisingly low for a 1080p HDTV.

    Right now, it's acting only as a computer monitor, but since it has 3 HDMI inputs, I'll probably move the Dish TV DVR from the living room (where it has barely been used in two years) into my office, and hook it up as a HDTV, too. (I think I can do picture-in-picture, so I can have a TV window on my computer desktop.)
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    Nice!! Just replaced one of my duals with a 27" Samsung and am really enjoying it. 32" should last you awhile

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    That is big. I use a 24" monitor at work and that is a good size. 32" is even better though. I use Splitview to split the screen for opening multiple windows. Nice little utility.
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