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Thread: walnut birdseye maple shaker box

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    walnut birdseye maple shaker box

    Here's my latest shaker box. It's a #5 size, which is the largest I've made. It's around 9 x 6 inches. As the title implies, the box is walnut that I left a little sapwood showing. The top is birdseye maple. I got the maple from home depot.

    I didn't say it to start with but the top is bookmatched.
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    thats mighty fine work there john and you must have one specail home depot to have birds eye in there much was there?
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    Beautiful box John.

    Had no idea you could find wood like that at HD.
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    Amazing job on the box. It's fantastic.

    Good find on the maple. Every time I go to Lowes or HD I look through their maple. Sometimes you come across a find like yours.
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    Thanks guys

    They had the one board Larry. It was a 1x6 that was about 8 feet long. It had a big knot about 2 feet from one end. I had one of the lumber guys cut the knot out so I didn't have to pay for it. It ended up being around a 1x6x6ish.

    They stock red oak, maple, and poplar. Sometimes you find a diamond in the rough so to speak. Anytime I'm there I swing by the lumber section to see if they have anything like this mixed with the regular stuff. Every so often you get lucky. I was there the other day and they had a good looking piece of curly maple, but it was only a 1x3 so I passed on that one.

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    Ah, walnut and maple . . . definitely a favorite. Beautiful work, just beautiful.
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    John, that is really beautiful! A true craftsman you are.
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    Beautifully done, John. Your Borg sure has nicer wood than mine. I've found a few curly pieces, but nothing this nice. I don't think mine would cut a knot out of a board and lower the price, either. All of their hardwood (the limited amount they have) is price tagged and bar coded. (I think it's all coming from Georgia-Pacific.)
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    Nice piece! What a bonus with the birds eye!

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    I like the sap wood of the walnut on the edges of the box. The top is neat also.

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