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Thread: Ebook reader survey... sort of

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    Ebook reader survey... sort of

    I know we have Ebook readers on here. What I am interested in is not which reader you have. But what format you use or prefer.

    With tablets coming becoming the newest thing formats are going to be less important because there will be apps to read most any format. But I am trying to get a feel for what is most popular.
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    I'll be watching this one as I too am interested. What I have found, for me, is that the e-ink screen is a requirement so, I am still hardware dependent at this point in the decision process.
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    I wouldn't know how to find out I have a Droid and use Kindle on it...I go through a book every 2 weeks or would you tell?
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    Back when I had my palm device, I still found Mobi to be the most useful. iBook on the iTouch uses mostly pdf that I can tell, but also epub for both platforms.

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    I read on an iPhone. Don't know what format it uses. Easy to read. I like.
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    Have a kindle. i'm ignorant as to what mobi or anything related to it is all I know is that it works.
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