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Thread: Purpleheart: How long, O! lord, How Long?

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    Purpleheart: How long, O! lord, How Long?

    Hey, folks,

    I've been saving a piece of purpleheart for a special project. I only got it because Doorlink's favorite color is purple, and I wanted to make something for her (usually, the most expensive wood I ever get is maple). Anyway, she recently got a poster she adores, and so I've decided to use the purpleheart to make a frame for it.

    So this evening I got home from work, and set about cutting and jointing and planing. So far, so good. I got the four nice pieces I needed. Only one problem... they went from a nice deep purple to a rich brown. I'd been told to expect this, but it was still a shock. I've also been told to wait a while, and it'll turn purple again.

    So here's my question: how long will I have to wait? I've still got to run the pieces across the router table, and I figure I'll get that done in the morning. But then what do I do? Assemble and glue up the frame? Should I wait until it turns purple again before I put on a finish? What kind of finish should I use? (I usually just mix up 1/3 poly, 1/3 naptha, and 1/3 BLO, but that seems a cheap way out for such expensive material). And, more importantly:

    How long before it turns purple again???



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    Dont worry it will soon again be purple with some sunlight. When it is fresh sawn it is a nasty grey color. About 25 years ago when I was new to the wood busness and saw for the first time purple heart I thought I have a terrific product for .... and ........ It never has caught on very well. It will with time almost turn black but if you resand it the purple color will return. Here are a couple of photos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PURPLEHEART.jpg   SawMill14PURPLEHEARTLOGS.jpg   tours_purpleheartPKGS.jpg  
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    This piece about 2 years old. I sat the wood in the sun for a few hours before assemble and finish. Wipe on poly was all I used.

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    Why is it that every time I see some of Jim King's pictures I start to hate my office job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Young View Post
    Why is it that every time I see some of Jim King's pictures I start to hate my office job?

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    Jim King said, in part: "........purple heart I thought I have a terrific product for gays ......".
    I make duck calls. When I started, I choose woods that are a bit oily, hard and have resistance to moisture. Cocobolo is a great choice. But purple heart is excellent using those guidelines also.
    Downside, I have never sold a single purple heart call. I once tried to give one to a ten year old boy at a gun show. He really wanted a call but his dad refused to buy him one. Being a good guy, I offered him one of my slow (non)-selling p'hearts. He took one look, wrinkled his nose and shook his head "No" and walked away.
    Don't ask me why, but I have a theory why purple is just not the color of choice for real men.
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    my goal in life is to be as good a person as my kids think i am

    life is short, even in it's longest days

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