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Thread: A Tribute to our Front line Military

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    A Tribute to our Front line Military

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    That sure choked me up. I need a tissue.
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    I remember our medics patching up Iraqi solders that had shrapnel in their butts. I saw one Iraqi solder with an IV in his arm laying on the highway next to the highway guardrail with the IV bag laying the guardrail post. These clips hit me hard too.
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    I've seen Navy Corpsmen do amazing things in combat. They certainly don't get the notice they deserve. Also the helicopter crews that fly into hot zones to pick up the wounded. I've seen old Huey choppers with so many bullet holes in them you wonder how they could hold together, yet still flying and bringing in wounded. I look at the pictures of today's soldiers and marvel. They look like walking weapons. Which I guess they are.
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