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Thread: My 2nd FWW visit............

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    My 2nd FWW visit............

    Rennie and his lovely wife Jan dropped by early this afternoon for a few minutes en route to Wallace, ID.

    Sharon and I enjoyed their visit. Sharon had a dentist appointment she couldn't reschedule so unfortunately she had to leave but she said she dearly enjoyed Jan's company!

    Jan took a photo of Rennie and I.....I will have to defer to him and/or her to bail me out with a photo.

    Sharon and I just got back from a 4500 mile driving trip to visit family and friends and on the 2nd day her Nikon crapped out. It's currently been sent to Nikon for repairs so I was unable to take photos.

    Thanks for stopping by Rennie! Come back again!
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    and how close to me were you ken??? i didnt hear my door bell ring
    glad yur doing well
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    Good to see you drop in, Ken. Sounds like you had a great visit. Rennie is one of the people on my "hope to meet in person" list.
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    Ken, good to hear you are well. Have missed your participation and wisdom here.
    Vaughn, speaking from experience, Rennie is a good guy to talk with and should be on your list!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Sorry I couldn't get to your place. There were life long friends and some family members we couldn't work into our schedule.

    Originally when we made the plans and hotel reservations, I was supposed to have had implant surgery and had to be back on last Thursday for surgery. I also had a doctor's appointment the day we left, so we were kind of locked into some very specific dates and had reservations at specific places on specific dates.

    My apologies! I'll get to your place eventually. Of course, if you offer me some scotish ale, it could happen earlier than later but even that offer is relative not specific and very generic.

    On another subject......I wish I had Rennies calm nature! What a pleasant person to be around!

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    Look forward to the picture!

    Nice to see and hear from you again Ken, I trust all is well with you guys

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    By now I am sure you have heard, I'm legally deaf and had to retire for safety reasons.

    Being deaf is the pits. Rennie will tell you between a little distorted sound that I hear and reading lips, I manage but in conversations, the person I am talking with will have to repeat themselves often.

    General Electric was extremely generous to us when I awoke to find myself deaf last year when in July my left ear died . It was incredible how they treated Sharon and I. I will admit I fought some slight depression for a while not so much over the deafness but losing the ability to work for a living. The financial situation didn't clear for us until late March of this year. I didn't do much of anything until then as I didn't want to incur any unnecessary debt.

    The financial dust finally settled and then I realized we would make it without too much belt tightening.

    I am qualified for a cochlear implant in my left ear and currently am waiting for the one I want implanted to be approved and returned to the US market after a self-imposed recall. It's technology is decades ahead of the competition and a lot of it's recipients are able to hear music again. The company had 2 out of 28,000 fail and they recalled all of their devices that hadn't been implanted yet. They found the problem, developed a resolution and have been accepted on the European, Asian and Canadian markets. The FDA is currently reviewing their changes before approving it for US implantations.

    My right ear most recently tested at 10% and everything is distorted. That 10% is with me wearing the most powerful hearing aid made. Without the hearing aid, I am totally deaf.

    The hearing aid can't be worn in the presence of x-ray or an MR magnet. That prevented me from continued employment as a diagnostic imaging field engineer for General Electric Health Care. Once implanted, I won't be able to have an MR scan without surgery to remove part of the implant and can't even go into the scan room without that surgery, thus I had to retire. Luckily, I'd been in the business for over 34 years and qualified for a complete retirement from GE and from J&J.

    I am confident once implanted I will hear again....and I will hear music again.

    Please understand, I'm not looking for sympathy but rather updating you with my current status as I haven't even logged in here for months.
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    Ken its good to have you back, well done Rennie on rounding up one of the gang. Luckily Ken you only need fingers here to paricipate.
    I hope to see some more of your humor here like before.
    Sorry to hear of your difficulty, its a tough one, one tends to take things like eyese and ears for granted until they aint availble no more.
    Any idea what caused the sudden deafness?

    sent from my Atrix

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    Ken, good to see you posting again. Hope it all works out with the implant situation.
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