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Thread: Finishing up more old projects

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    Finishing up more old projects

    Due to work schedule etc- I turn and bag things that have been sitting for months - some bagged and some not - all are inside in a box beside the counter where I sit............So today I tested out my new $10 moisture meter on a few that were sitting and they read 5-6%.........Good Enough..........
    Turned the tennon off the way Vaughn showed in his previous thread........I love it........working really good and making them a bit concave.

    1-2 are some group pictures
    3 - Ironwood and Walnut - Ironwood finished with EEE and Shellawax......Walnut vase-Waterlox and multiple coats of laquer-600grit and two final coats
    4 - Ironwood - several coats of Waterlox - 3 coats of arcylic krylon - knocked down 0000 steel wool - 2 coats of Laquer
    5 - Unknown wood - sanded to 1000grit - EEE and Shellawax - not real happy with the finial but it was laying around and it fit luckily
    6 - Olive wood - turned to finish except sanding and wet - bagged and placed inside 1 day ago - today noticed it had a small crack so i opened it a bit and added
    some red coral powder - not sure what ill do to finish it yet but back inside and drying
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1010001.jpg   P1010003.jpg   P1010002.jpg   P1010004.jpg   P1010005.jpg  

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    Looking good, Dan. Glad to see the tenon trick worked for you.
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