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Thread: Some more Wet Cherry

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    Some more Wet Cherry

    With all the storms we've had this past spring, if I had the time and a place to stack it, I could fill most of my back yard with turning wood.... I pick up two trees from a friend's house... he called and said he had a Cherry and a Hackberry.... but I think he had two Cherries... the "Hackberry" is too red inside and the bark is all wrong .... both trees were 14-16 inches diameter...

    Another friend had what he called a Walnut and a Mimosa that he had to take down... the walnut is more white than dark... the heart wood in the trunk is about 4" diameter.... the trunk is nearly or maybe just over 10-12 inches .... in a conversation with still another friend, I'm thinking this is more likely a butternut... doesn't really smell like walnut either... either way, nice wood... very wet though... and the mimosa when it drys will be very porous, but will have some fantastic grain pattern... green it smells like puke...

    Also got some Slippery Elm from just a limb of the tree... it's nearly 12-13 inches diameter, plus a lot of side branches at 4-6 inches... very clear white wood... again really wet...

    Then had a fellow vendor at the farmer's market give me 4 pieces of real Hackberry... one piece is at least 15" diameter and three others a little smaller...

    I've got all the ends waxed, but need to get some of it cut up into bowl blanks and get started turning some of it.

    I started the thread to show three bowls I did out of the green cherry... the first two are just over 11 inches diameter and about 4" high... third is about 9 inches x 3 3/4... all finished with wipe on poly .... the two big bowls are gifts for a friend of my wife's.... the smaller is for the wife of the guy who gave me the wood.... the fourth bowl is from a piece of green poplar that I traded a couple of pieces of the cherry for...
    final bowl is a spalted maple... I'm getting near the end of that wood... some of it has been laying about too long and the fungus is taking it's toll.
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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Well done, Chuck. Pretty wood, and great form on all of 'em.
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    Really nice bowls. I like the simple form and the wood looks great.
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    Good job there man.

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