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Thread: Craftsman Align-a-rip 24/24 Table Saw Fence

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    Craftsman Align-a-rip 24/24 Table Saw Fence

    Up for grabs is a Craftsman Align-a-rip 24/24 Table Saw Fence with rails and all hardware it came with. Frank was nice enough to send me a moulder head so I gave him first shot at it, but he cannot use it on his saw. So I figured I would give y'all fist shot at it

    I just upgraded to the Jointech 50 Pro series, so I have no use for this piece.

    Pm me if you want it, first pm gets it.....

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    That's a great offer, Dom.

    If any of you guys or gals needs a better fence on your saw, you should be jumping on this.
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    Unit is spoken for......

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