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Thread: Cardinal Points

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    Cardinal Points

    Last edited by Dave Richards; 07-16-2011 at 01:36 AM.
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    Thanks Dave, I really appreciate your skills with this program and am grateful that you take the time to share them here.

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    Dave thank you for those tips. The video on FWW was excellent. Appreciate you letting us know about it.

    This feature sure helps with turning sketchup into a drawing tool.

    I was just thinking how would one take the sides of those cyclinders and once having changed the top and bottom diameters now put a curve on them say something like a turner would do if the cylinder was in the lathe.

    Is there a trick(tool) that would allow for the sides to be arc'd all around a cyclinder.

    There is only one issue i find with all of the things we do in our hobby.

    Whether its drawing using sketchup or making a handcut dovetail or even finishing or turning. If one is not spending enough time continuosly keeping the "hand in" then its like a treadmill and one is always on the same learning curve.

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    Thank you gentlemen.

    Rob, you're right. You really need to keep practicing to maintain or increase your skill level.

    As to making the curves as you ask, you could do it by using short Push/Pull steps and resizing the circles. As shown here:

    Another option would be to rough out the shape with Cardinal Points and then cut through the shape with a plane and Intersect. You could then refine the curves on that plane to create a shape for Follow Me.

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    Thanks for the tip Dave......I had no idea it was that easy to do!

    Amazing the mind of the people that design this program isn't it?

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