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Thread: A parents wish

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    A parents wish

    My mom and dad are luckily still with me at the ages of 82 & 81...spry and full of life.

    I thought I'd share this with all of you....

    My mom and dad will be home in a few days from their winter stay in Alabama.....can't wait to give them a hug when they get home.
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    Hug'em while you can Steve!

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    What a perfectly timely post. Just a few hours ago I was thinking about my Dad and how much I would like to have him with me out in the shop. He would have enjoyed it so.
    You only lose them once but the effect lasts forever and a day.
    I can't count the times that I have had the urge to speak to my Father on a difficult decision, share an idea and ask for pointers, or simply show him something I have done and seek that pride that only a Father can give, only to remember that I can't do that anymore. I am truly and irrevocably on my own.
    Never forget where you came from. If you have something to tell your parents, something to show or share with them, don't put it off. The opportunity will not last for ever.

    Good for you Steve, give them a hug for me too.
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    Steve Clardy Guest

    I miss my folks.
    Year of 2001, I lost my father, my grandfather [96], and my mother.

    That was a tough year for me.

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