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    Interesting Client

    Earlier this week, we installed a few paintings at a house in Encino. Nice '60s Modern house with some serious artwork, but it also had a lived-in look. It wasn't picture-perfect like some of the houses we see. The client's name was Roger. He was a nice elderly gentleman, in his mid 80's. All my boss Perry knew about Roger was that he ran a production company or something. He walked us through the house, showing what he wanted done, then went into the dining room where he and his wife were talking business. He was obviously not fully retired.

    Not too long after we started working, we noticed the miniature replica of a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star sitting on a shelf. (He actually had two of them.) The plaques looked something like this:

    So I whipped out the iPhone and did a quick Google search, and found this:

    He's not only on the Walk of Fame, but an Academy Award winner, too. As I said, he was a real gentleman, and very down to earth. After Perry and I realized who he was, Perry addressed him once as "Mr. Corman". His response was "Please, it's Roger". I also noticed the column in the dining room with old pencil marks showing the heights of his four kids as they were growing up. Not something I'm used to seeing in the ritzy homes we frequent.
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    Vaughn, it is good to know some of them are real people! He sounds like a family man that made good. Good for him and great he stayed human.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Now that's cool. I'm sure if you ever went to a drive in when you were younger, you would have seen some of his movies. Very prolific gentleman, for sure.

    That's really cool Vaughn...
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    Just a nice guy with a cool job!
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    "Roger Corman presents!"
    That's cool Vaughn!

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