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Thread: veterans life insurance policy

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    veterans life insurance policy

    i dont know why my wife and sister leave things and forget about them.
    today they went through an old safety box they had sitting for 25 years.
    besides bonds and jewerly, they found a veterans administration national service life insurance certificate.
    the policy is dated 1947 and signed by omar bradley, admin of veterans affairs, and does anyone know where to begin to find out if this policy can possibly be in effect now? my fil passed over 20 years ago. but this policy was with his important papers

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    I'd contact your local VA office.

    I'm not sure how the WWII policies worked, but in later years, the policy was only in force for a short time after a vet's discharge, then it had to be renewed (by the Vet) and annual premiums had to be paid.

    If that was the case back then, the policy will only be good IF your FIL paid the premiums right up until his death.

    I think those older policies were only like $2,000.00. The current ones are more like $250,000.00.
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    I think Jim nailed it.
    Check your phone book for the county veteran service officer. Or, ask the American Legion or VFW for help.
    I found several old bank pass books in my mother's things. Had visions of many years of accumulated interest. All closed out long ago.
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    its only 5 thousand dollars, but it pays to check.
    My wife will start by phone with the VA monday, if not, a vfw hall is a minute from us, Ill walk over if I have to next week.
    The jewelry they had in that box is worth a fortune Im sure, but theyd never sell it, the engagement rings of their mother, grandmother and other fine pieces. (Me, Id sell it and upgrade my shop, afterall, my motherinlaw loved me and would have loved to see me use her old jewelry for my benefit, but my wife says no.)
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    Chances are that it's already been paid. When my Dad passed I got a check about 6 months later for $2500. I never put a claim in and I'm pretty sure he didn't make any premium payments.
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    we found more documentation, the policy was dated 1943, not 1947, my mistake. There was an ammended policy made in 1957 after my wife was born her father put her as the second beneficiary on the policy. Hopefully monday well get some answers.

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    My father bought one in 1951 when he first went into the AF. When he passed away 5 years ago, I found it (I was the executor of his will) and they paid it within a few weeks of filing a claim.
    I think it was a $5000 policy, if I remember correctly. I believe I contacted the Veterans Admin. about it.

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