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Thread: When to use a "hollowing" rig?

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    When to use a "hollowing" rig?

    I recently put together a hollowing rig (have yet to use it) but tonight I got to thinking how often to use it. You could actually use it for all your inside turnings whether it is a simple bowl or platter or a complicated vase project. So my question for those of you that have a hollowing you still turn the insides of "simple" projects by hand or would you use your hollowing rig.
    I'm just learning to turn bowls and such so am I better served learning to use the hollowing rig for most projects or only for those projects with deep hidden interiors?
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    Tom I don't use my hollowing system on the inside of bowls. I can hog the wood out with a 5/8" bowl gouge faster and then take the final cuts with a conventional gouge. Mine is strictly used on hollow forms.
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    I met a woodturner with wrist and arm problems, who said the hollowing rig allowed her to keep turning - she used it for practically everything. She did good work, but I doubt if it would be the most efficient tool if you had other options.
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    I just use the rig (mini monster) on closed forms and HF's. As a novice turner I can get more of these to the finish line without a catch resulting in a larger hole to save the piece. I think your better off learning how to use them ALL.
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    I just use mine on deeper hollow forms and use hand held tools on the small hollow forms. I use a bowl gouge on the inside of bowls.

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    I typically use the rig only on hollow forms and closed form bowls. Some of the closed forms could be done with a bowl gouge, but for me, there's less of a chance for a catch if I use the rig instead. On a regular bowl, though, I can get a cleaner cut (and get done faster, too) with a bowl gouge. As MJ said, learning both is your best bet.
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