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Thread: woodfast rebuild and up grade

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    woodfast rebuild and up grade

    This is a old Woodfast 400 1987 vintage with a serious upgrade.

    re-painted in Hammertone, new contactor to hook up with a Lenze VSD for a variable speed drive on a 3phase motor,up grading it from 1/2hp to 1hp. Also fitted a remote speed control with magnetic base, not a major requirement on a short, bed lathe but handy never the less. Current speed range is 0-2600 and I can go higher with a reset to the VSD. I have left the 4 mechanical speeds as it was to much hassle to remove buy a new pulley set up

    The blank is 12"x4" eucalyptus burl so it can handle a decent sized bowl, between centres it can handle 14" . This is good for hollow vessels asyou can get all around the lathe with great ease.
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    That is a great looking machine. You did a good job fixing it up.

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    Really nice lathe and some really nice upgrades.
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    Looks great, Neil. I think you'll find the remote switch is handier than you think it'll be. I pretty much never use my main switch anymore. It's just handier to have the switch where my right hand can reach it quickly.
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