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  • Whole house central air type unit

    45 69.23%
  • Room air conditioner in more than one room

    4 6.15%
  • Room air conditioner in only one room

    7 10.77%
  • No air conditioner, just open windows and fans

    9 13.85%
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Thread: Air conditioning, do you have it???

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    Air conditioning, do you have it???

    Just wondering how many actually have air conditioning in their homes (not talking shops here now). Room air conditioner, whole house, or nothing. Thought with the dehydration topic this might be interesting to know. Totally useless, but interesting!

    Okay, I voted, open windows and fans only here. How about the rest of ya????
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    Johnathan never had it back in SA at all no fans nadda. But we had a gorgeous pool with lots of privacy so a swim at 12 at night did not cause a ruckus with the neighbors.

    Cannot think how we would survive in Canada without it. The houses are not exactly geared to ventilate that well with few opening windows.

    I cannot stand the aircon but we have tried to live without it and cannot.

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    I'd like to see stats based on living in town vs living in the country. I live in town - urban setting, city of 300,000. There just aren't many breezes or big enough trees to make an impact.

    (and central air here, though it usually cools enough at night to open up the windows...)
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    One option you left out that you might not be aware of.

    Swamp Coolers...

    We've got a swamp cooler on our house. Basically it's a box with mesh pads on 4 sides. It has a little water resevoir at the bottom and a pump to pump the water to the top and keep the pads saturated. A fan pulls air through the pads and pumps it into the house. The evaporation of the water can cool the air quite a bit, depending on how hot things are and how humid it is.

    They work really well in hot dry climates and use much less electricity than an air conditioner.

    On the really hot days (above 95) we'll generally run it from around noon till about 9:00pm.
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    Just a window shaker in the living room, 14,000 Btu's does us fine if we keep the spare room and bathroom door takes it's toll, so either/or I'm in the heat during supper time, mostly grill our way thru these heat waves, outdoors.

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    You bet, we live in Tokyo!
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    I had central air until yesterday when smoke came pouring out of the unit. Probably the fan motor, but won't know until tomorrow when they come to look at it. High today should top 110 when the humidity is hot for me! For now we are sleeping in my parents camper in our driveway...has everything we need, just not as much room. I don't mind heat, but the humidity of IA isn't my friend.
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    We live in Florida....of course we have A/C......have to have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    One option you left out that you might not be aware of.

    Swamp Coolers...
    I live in a swamp, so I'm afraid a swamp cooler wouldn't do much good...

    90's to upper 90's all week here. I guess it's July...

    The window fans will be running even at night!



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    Whole house and CRANKIN' as we speak and with a basement shop it rarely gets out of the 60's there

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