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Thread: Surviving Grandma......

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    Surviving Grandma......

    Surviving Grandma............

    We have 2 19 year old grandkids visiting granddaughter from Indiana and one grandson from Phoenix.

    Last week they survived a day at Silverwood Theme Park with Grandma.

    Today they left before 0500 for Riggins, Idaho about 110 miles south of here. While we are in the Pacific Time Zone, Riggins is in the Mountain Time Zone. Sharon and the kids are going on a day long whitewater rafting trip.

    Check it out..... watch the video.

    Those kids and Grandma will have a ball!

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    Now that looks like great fun!
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    Oh yea, big fun there.
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    Looks like a lot of fun!

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    if she is up to that kinda of fun at her age,, i wish i had meet her i might have to come back for some fun time?)
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    Larry....come on back....we can have some fun time.

    They survived Grandma and appeared to have a good time doing it. Yes...they found some white water rapids......

    In the first 3 photos my wife is on the left and my granddaughter is in the middle.....

    In the 2nd 3 photos of the other grandson is on the far side of the raft with a blue ball cap on......

    I'd say then enjoyed themselves.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very cool, Ken. My grandma took me to Lodge meetings and pinochle games.
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    Those kids will never forget that day with their Grandma, that's for sure.

    I still think about the time we went rafting on the American river in Sacramento with Sharons mom. What a hoot!
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    Man, that looks SO's miserably hot & humid here, even now at midnight.
    I'm with Brent in that the kids will cherish this memory for a long time...kudos to Grandma

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    Looks like a very fun, cool, and refreshing trip.

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