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Thread: Music box mechanisms anyone interested

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    Music box mechanisms anyone interested

    Hi All, Charles just posted a great little music box with a bear on it.

    Now i am looking for the music box movement.

    Found a good haul on Ebay but the seller will not ship to Canada even though i offered to pay premium.

    The lot i found is a large one of more than one music box, i am looking to see if anyone in the USA that is interested in music boxes would like to go into this buy with me and buy the item of ebay with the two of us sharing the spoils and the costs. I dont mind if the group gets to be more than one i would like to get my hands on more than one of the movements in the deal i spotted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The buy it now price is $20 and the shipping around $12 for USA.

    I dont think $32 for all these is a bad deal there are 12 of the rotating table type and 6 of the other normal wind up type. So around $1.77 per unit excluding follow on postage.

    Anyone interested in being a go be between and sharing the bundle?

    I am thinking this is a great Xmas type item and it can be applied to spinny or flatworkers ie round or square boxes.

    I am also prepared to take the whole lot and reimburse a helping hand for merely being a go between.

    Person with a paypal account would be the quickest for all purposes if possible. I would like to get my hands on these asap.

    Another option is if someone knows where the rotating table type music box movements are available i can simply order a couple from there but i have not been able to find them at the tradditional sources like Klockit.


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    Rob, if you need a go between. I'm your Huckleberry. Send me a PM or e-mail on what you have in mind.
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    Rob, I'd be interested in a couple or three of them. Do you know how the rotating ones wind up? Is there a key on the bottom, or is the turntable the "winder"?
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    Thank you Steve and Vaughn for your interest however this deal is going in the wrong direction right now on ebay so I am gonna pass.

    Thanks for the offer Steve i will keep it in mind if i find some more that i cannot get shipped to Canada.

    Guess is should not have drawn attention to the deal on the forum. At the time i could have got the bundle for $20, now there is bidding going on and its up to $26 as i type. I never really wanted a whole bundle but was prepared totake them all at $20.

    Vaughn i dont know about the winding on the rotating table versions. I was prepared for either way as i have not been able to find someone that stocks the rotating table version.

    Thanks for the interest guys.

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    I started looking for movements, because I plan on making the little music box like Charles made (I hope I can do half as nice a job). I discovered you need to buy the music movement and a turn table. The turn table has a rod the inserts where the key to wind the movement would go. You wind the movement by turning the turn table. I ordered both from a guy off e-bay. With shipping and all came to $16. I hope I did the correct thing. I got the Winnie the Pooh song and I hope to try to make the bear look like Winnie the Pooh. This is going to my new Grandson. He is only a little over a month old now so I have a little time to get it done.

    My third grade teacher spent most of the school year reading Pooh books to us. That is about all we did.... Not really a very productive year.

    And Charles, what a nice guy. Very helpful.
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