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Thread: painting ashpalt

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    painting ashpalt

    I have a blacktop driveway.
    I recoat it every year, mainly for looks.
    Im about to start this year but Im having a suprise party for my SIL next weekend and Im thinking Id like to paint the blacktop a color, like tan, or gold, just for a look, and only in the backyard portion.
    Can anyone recommend paint that is easily available and wont be tracking into my home, something that will dry in 24-36 hours.

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    Pavement striping paint will dry quickly and stay put pretty well. Premixed tan or gold might be tough to find, but if you have a good paint shop nearby they should be able to tint some white to about any color you want.

    Dunno how their prices compare, but here's one place I found with a Google search:
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    Another choice is tennis court paint...'Duracourt' brand comes in green, tile red and white...

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