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Thread: How do you send out your blades............

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    How do you send out your blades............

    ............for sharpening?

    I ship mine. I was using the cardboard box that Big Blue's blades came in, but this means I had to ship the bandsaw blades separate from the TS, SCMS, Festool and the metal cutting saw blades, cost me $15 to $20 more, so I made a box.............

    Attachment 5417
    Here you see it all, there are six blades to ship, I think I can put another two round blades in there, if I had to.

    Attachment 5418
    The round blades stack one on top of each other, there is a thick washer between each blade to keep any sharp bits from touching each other, then a long bolt with a knob on it holds them all in place.

    Attachment 5419
    Next the bandsaw blade goes in the box, this is held up off the stack of round blades by some spacer blocks. The bandsaw blade is also held in place by some blocks on the one side of it, and to ease removing the blade, it is restrained by two large twist ties.

    Attachment 5420
    Next is a bar that holds the bandsaw blade in place, it has two cut off nails in one end that go into two holes in the side of the box, then the heads of those nails go into slots in the other side of the box, this stops the bar from moving around, as the final screw goes through the lid and the bar into a threaded insert nut in the large block of wood there.

    Attachment 5421
    Here the lid is slid into place, and secured with a large screw.

    Attachment 5422
    Finally the bottom of the box, you and see the "T" nut that the long bolt securing the round blades threads into.

    I'll shoot a coat of poly on it, just so it says somewhat clean looking, and it will be on it's way

    The whole deal comes out to just under the 120 cm size (they measure height, width and depth to get the size) so I can ship all the blades for about $12.

    Here, in Japan, finding a sharpening service is not easy, the one that I found that I could drop stuff off at did a really lousy job, so I did not want to go back there, but the guy that I ship to now, he was recommended by the Tenryu blade company, and he has done a very good job, and his turn around was a day or two, not bad.

    So how to you send in your blades?

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    Wow Stu, that's a pretty involved process!

    My Systematic and big box blades get dropped off sans-packaging at the local Woodcraft. My Forrest WWII goes back to Paterson, NJ to be sharpened at the factory. For that I use a simple 1/4" - 3 piece plywood 'sandwich'. Two 11" square pieces of ply sandwich a third that has had a 10" hole cut in it. The blade sits in the hole with some thin foam sheet to keep it from moving around.

    The center ply is glued to one outside ply and the other is attached with 8 - 1/2" screws so it can be easily disassembled and the reassembled for re-shipping.

    Works great.
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    My round blades go on a board with a handle cut through the top edge & a bolt through the center with small 1/4"
    plywood disk between each blade a washer & nut on top.

    Jointer & planer blades have in the past been wrapped in brown paper. I plan on making a narrow slotted blade box.

    I hand deliver & pick up my items to be sharpened. Randy my sharpener works right out of his garage fully equipped at home & does all the work personally.
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    Richard Smith Guest
    Fortunately, I have a local man who does all my sharpening.

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    I throw them into the back of my truck and take to the partially disabled local guy who sharpens for me. I pick up a week later.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    All round blades go back in there originally package. Then get boxed and shipped

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    WoodCraft Store

    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Wow Stu, that's a pretty involved process!

    My Systematic and big box blades get dropped off sans-packaging at the local Woodcraft. :
    I would KILL for a local WoodCraft store...closest one is an hour away.
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    I went to the local spot the Woodcraft people told me about...didn't even get out of the car. That was one scary place!
    I've only sent one blade out so far. I packaged it in the factory cardboard box, then packaged that inside a flat rate box with Styrofoam around the outside edges. Could easily send 8 blades at a time that way for the same price. Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Wow Stu, that's a pretty involved process!

    My Forrest WWII goes back to Paterson, NJ to be sharpened at the factory.
    From Forrest:
    All sharpening services are provided by Forrest Manufacturing , Inc. at our factory location in Clifton, NJ.
    My wife grew up in Paterson, I lived in Clifton, many, many years ago.
    Bill Antonacchio

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    there are 2 tool guys near me that have some guy that does sharpening.
    I sharpened 2 blades with some guy recommended by a contractor, I didnt feel any difference, and paid 14 bucks each, so Im going to try the Ace Tools in wantagh, the boss told me they have a guy from Jersey.

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