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Thread: Today's Visit to the Eye Doctor (or I'm Looking for Sympathy)

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    Today's Visit to the Eye Doctor (or I'm Looking for Sympathy)

    (Jim Bradley, are you listening?) I posted here 8 mos ago that I was disappointed (disgusted) to learn that I have the beginnings of cataracts in *each* eye, with the right eye being worse than the left (unusual for my young grasshopper age).

    So I went to the eye dr. AGAIN this morning (I'm wearing sunglasses while I type this). I wanted to get some new reading glasses, and even though I was at the dr.'s about 8 mos. ago, I had the feeling that my prescription wasn't right anymore. So I wasn't going to spend $$$$ on new glasses without another exam. Well, it turns out the vision in my right eye HAS changed (deteriorated) considerably in 8 months. The guy can't correct the vision in the right eye anymore to match the left eye's corrected vision. That's aside from the fact that nothing looks crisp and clear anymore out of the that eye either.

    8 months ago, the guy said, well it can take a long time for the cataract to develop to the point that you need to get it removed blah blah blah. Today he says, well, it's time to think about getting it removed. It's gotten so bad in 8 months, it's just going to get worse faster now.

    Now I know this is not serious. I know this is a very common and minor operation. But I'm so mad. Unfortunately, the CoC here prevents me from using the language I'd like to use to express my discontent. And, then, I go home to learn we had a bear on the patio today.

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    I think you are going to be happy when 2011 is over

    My mom just had cad removal on both eyes and what ever else they do. She didn't like the downtime afterwards but she is loving her new eyes. She even ask when did I gain so much weight, so they must have done a good job on her.
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    Sorry to hear that--LOML may not be too far behind you. But on the other hand, there are much more serious things that could be wrong with the eyes....

    Hope it's done and over soon! Any you did say B E A R didn't you? The worst it gets around here is skunks and coyotes.


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    No sympathy here. I've got them brewing in both eyes. Just a matter of time. Sight is precious. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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    it really sucks. just reading it really sucks.

    stay positive and do what you have to do to take care of it.

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    I wish mine would hurry up and get bad enough to have them removed. Mine were just getting a good start about a year and half ago and they cant correct my glasses for it so just have to wait. Getting harder to see detailed stuff and it really bugs me. I also notice I have to get closer to the computer screen a lot of times to read things.
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    Sorry to hear this news Cynthia. Eye issues suck. The good side os that its repairable. I would get a second opinion just to confirm the diagnosis. Anything been in you diet that could have accelerated the development of them.
    I hope Jim chimes in with loads of good info as he normally has.
    Not that i dont believe you but a bear in Canada.... um not sure about that without a pic.

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    My lovely wife and I have both survived cancer, we got lucky, we know it and live our lives as well as we can. You eye problems are serious, and the down time will really suck, but like Steve said about his mom, you will be loving your new eyes when done, be happy that you live in a time when they can do something about this and that you live in a culture that can afford it

    Buck up, you can and will beat this, and be right back at it before you know it, you are tough!

    Best of luck!

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    Good luck with your surgery, Cynthia. My brother (2 years older) just had it. As far as I know you go in needing glasses and come out with 20/20 (maybe need reading glasses). You should look forward to your new found vision. I think cataracts are pretty easy now days.

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    My parents had the surgery done recently and they are both happy with the result. I think you will be pleased too.
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