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Thread: Improperly dried wood -- worth the trip?

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    Improperly dried wood -- worth the trip?


    I have a chance to get some free wood for the spinny thing in my basement. A friend-of-a-friend had two sizable trees cut down last year.

    The logs were cut to around 18" long and stacked -- so there will definitely be some splitting & checking.

    This is one of my first opportunities to pick up some free wood -- but the person lives an hour away. Is wood just stacked & stored under tarps likely to have checks & splits that go all the way through? Or will I be able to trim 3 or 4 inches off each and and still have a shot at a decent blank?


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    I am in the South, but here it depends a lot on the type of wood. Some (like Cherry) splits all the way, others seem to hold up better. Under a tarp (with some air exchange) is better than out in the weather, but I guess it depends on how much you need/want some turning wood ?

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    Do you have a fireplace?

    An hour trip wouldn't be bad if you did. What couldn't be used for turning might be usable for heating...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Do you have a fireplace?

    An hour trip wouldn't be bad if you did. What couldn't be used for turning might be usable for heating...
    I was thinking the same thing...there is also a good chance it has spalted if it has been directly on the ground under the tarps...

    Is it a pretty drive? I like nothing better than getting out of town and taking the long way to a destination...if I have one at all.
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    I'm in East Tennessee and store most of my wood outside under tarps... I've had some pretty good luck with the logs not splitting too badly... I've even had some cherry that survived okay...
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    I stack and store under tarps with the end anchorsealed. I have gotten free wood like you are talking about that has checked on the ends but if long enough you can cut 3 or so inches of the ends and generally end up with some decent wood. If not when I have to cut off to much and it is to short for bowls, HF, etc I cut them up into chunks for ornaments, mini birdhouses, bottle stopper blanks or pen blanks.
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    Hmmmmmmmmmm an hour drive you say. That could put you on my door step. So if that wood is an hour north of you. Just give me the guys address and forget about it.
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    Sorry Chuck, would be an hour in the wrong direction

    The mutual friend ended up throwing four of the pieces of wood in his trunk for me to take a look at. It may not be bowl / HF quality material, but I bet I can get something out of it. Two of the pieces have small burls on the side that look solid.

    I know: no pictures, I didn't really get any wood I'll try to get them posted next week after my parents head out.

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