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Thread: Pacific Northwest Whine

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    Pacific Northwest Whine

    While the most of country is experiencing hell on earth with high humid temperatures day after day, we in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing a cooler summer than normal. Seattle has something like 78 minutes of weather over 80 degrees so far this summer. The local news is all over it, calling it the “78 minutes of summer”.

    Personally my wife and I consider this to be one of the best summers of our life. We love the cooler weather and I suspect that most native born (like we are) feel the same way. But I am getting real tired of hearing people complain about how terrible the weather is here. Granted most are newcomers, but some are native born who probably should have moved to SoCal long ago. Everyday at work, I listen to a few who think their world is ending because it is not clear and in the 80’s or 90’s.

    I don’t get it. Why move here or stay here (if you were born here) if that is what you want for weather. This is the Pacific Northwest, not the Southwest.

    I enjoy all aspects of our weather whether it is sunny, raining or snowing. I just go with the flow. This morning when I came to work, it was raining, but right now it is party sunny and a wonderful 64 degrees. I took my normal lunch walk and enjoyed the cool breeze and bursts of sun as it appeared between clouds. Although the mountains to the East were hid by the high clouds, the heavily forested foothills were visible. The air was fresh and alive with the clean scent that you get after a rain. I was thinking it was a great day.
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    +1 on the cooler weather! Hot and Sweaty is HIGHLY over-rated
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    Personally, I think it sounds wonderful!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Jones View Post
    Personally, I think it sounds wonderful!
    A yup!! I've never been out there before, but the picture you just painted makes we want to come soon Bill!
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    I live in SE Washington, those in Seattle don't even claim my part of the state but we are having a great summer. Today 81, sunny (of coarse, we see the sun over 300 days a year) and a light breeze. Normally this time of year it hovering around 100 but it is pretty dry here so not so bad. Not as pretty country here as the Seattle area, but not bad, I like the desert and open space.

    My whine is the people that move here because they didn't like where they came from and they proceed to try to change everything to what it was like where they came from. What's up with that??
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    Cool here on Vancouver Island. Suits me. I hear they're having an awful hot time in Calgary where I was for 20 years. Partly cloudy today....about 66F.
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    wish i was in bellingham, and surrounded by new castles
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    Was at the New Jersey shore today.

    Humid and 85 with a 15-20 mph southern wind.

    We got 5 miles off the shore and the temp was 100 and it was 95 at home.

    Pacific northwest huh? LOML likes it cool . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Douglass View Post
    My whine is the people that move here because they didn't like where they came from and they proceed to try to change everything to what it was like where they came from. What's up with that??
    Shoot...that happens everywhere. I have observed that the majority of the members of the two local Boards of Supervisors are new comers with less than ten years in the area. Many older local land owners whose kids don't want to farm anymore have hundreds of acres they have been counting on developers to buy for their retirement income. They have been stymied by new comers who, now that they have lived here a few years, have taken control of the boards, don't want the rural nature of the community to change and have enacted rules restricting development....without any compensation to landowners. The bottom line is ...if the natives don't want change ya gotta make sure locals run for office and comprise the majority of the rule making political body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    wish i was in bellingham, and surrounded by new castles
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