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Thread: We're frying here, folks

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    We're frying here, folks says it's 106 here, just outside your nation's capital. I've lived here 14 years, and never seen anything like this. These are Santa Ana temperatures, only plus the humidity.

    All the time I spent in Houston, or Mobile, or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, it never got this hot. No thunderstorms in sight to cool us down. Please send large cubes of ice!

    It's so bad, Doorlink closed all the windows and turned on the air conditioner. Thank goodness, because otherwise I'd be using fans to try to cool the house. With the outside air at 106!



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    yeah, its not getting better here either.
    when I woke up today, the upstairs ac has a temp reading on the outside, it said 69.
    The ac has been running, both of them upstairs all day and now the temp reading is 76.
    The problem like always is the humidity. ACs just stop working after a while it seems.

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    Now I know why we tolerate the LA rush hour traffic.
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    Yes, right now over 106 in shade on west side of my house. One east, 'cool' side it is 103.
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    It's not near as hot here. The temps have been running in the mid to upper 90's, but my BIL's mom and dad are up from Florida and they are complaining about how hot it is here compared to FL. Go figure.

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    We just had day 26 of 100+ here in Dallas. I never thought I'd be saying "Come on winter".

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    Bill you just haven't been here long enough The temps have been up there before around here.
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    What a difference 6 months makes. - 21F to + 113F. And since the heat doesn't seem to be changing patterns any time soon I decided to take advantage and cook in the crock pot outdoors. If one sets the pot out a few minutes in advance it pre-heats to about 160. Those BTUs would have been welcome indoors in Feb. but not now.
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