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Thread: Paco chair

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    Paco chair

    What do you do with all those little cut-offs after building cabinet faces?

    I think I'd be afraid of the edges pinching my back side as I sat down though.

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    I'd be afraid of my big back side falling thru

    Pretty cool looking though

    kinda reminds me of those 1" tile sheets...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    darren the last time i saw you ,, you dont have any extra that would get in to those small cracks to cause any discomfort.. i really dont thing you or anyone would have trouble like that they would bend that tight of radius.
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    "Made with torrefied yellow birch "

    Interesting word, torrified. Hadn't heard that before. But I wonder why they'd go to that kind of trouble? Just for appearance, or does it do something else?


    (obsolete) dried or roasted
    (biomass) wood that is heated to between 100 and 280 degrees"

    Not that I have a way to do that, except in the oven. Or to put it better: Not that I have a way to do that which wouldn't cause divorce...



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