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    Incedible Forum

    I know we often sing our own praises about this forum.

    But i ask you to consider, where in the world can you get better??

    Today i woke to ask a question regarding finishing. You can see my question here.

    Within the hour i have numerous specialists as far as i am concerned all chiming in with valuable information and advice.

    For a beginner like me this is more than priceless. Its simply unbelievable.

    When i think back a few years prior to joining and going it alone, I would never ever have got this far.

    I dont think enough can be said about the quality of people we have here. Its one thing to have knowledge its another to be willing and able to take the time to share it and provide meaningful advice with others.

    All i can say is a big THANK YOU.

    I am now off to fight the great battle of the Vanity finishing job. About time too i would say.
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    yup we got some fine folk and they arent afraid to help each other,, now dont forget to show us the progress rob..
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